Welcome to Grace + Company SHop!

Offering showit website & +Site Templates, as well as genie templates for dubsado.

Subscription packages for website maintenance, genie form updates and other backend business needs – consider us as a bonus member to your team!

Want to learn Canva?

While Adobe is still an amazingly powerful graphic design tool, the learning curve can be steep and so can the pricing.

Canva is a web based graphic design tool that can quickly help you design your social marketing, a reel with audio and transitions for toktok or instagram or create print items for your business.

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Why Stop with Basic Whitelisting?

I love Dubsado so much for its versatility and the ability to match my proposals and other forms to my website’s branding have been a game changer for me. 

Stay tuned for Customized Proposals that are responsive and eye-catching! You don’t need to know any coding to edit these forms – I used an amazing platform called Genie by Dub-ins.

Introducing Fern

After building custom designs and customizing themes on Showit, I feel that this is the year to bring my own designs at a more affordable price to other small business and creatives.

Currently I have this Showit template that I will also be converting to a WordPress theme as well.

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